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If this is the only chance I get to impact you, please let this be your takeaway: there is nothing more important in life than living with purpose. I've learned that, in a world that would love to drive us against one another, the most incredible thing we can do is lift each other up, and band together to leave the universe brighter than we found it.

Our flaws and mistakes are easy to find, and being human means that we try and fail more often than we succeed. Life is long, and there'll be many mistakes as we evolve... but why judge yourself or anyone else based on one snapshot of a life-long movie? My sincere belief is that we are all doing the best we can with what we have, and that, instead of judging others for how many times they've fallen, we should be the ones cheering for them to get back up. Because the truth is, every person on Earth serves a unique purpose that only they can fulfill. When we push others down or leave them behind, we're not only hurting them - we're also hurting ourselves. The world needs each individual's purpose to be fully realized, if we're ever to make this world a better place.

Simply put, I’ve been blessed with a difficult life, and walking through that fire has refined within me a purpose so passionate, that I would sooner die than see it unfulfilled. My purpose, until my last breath, is to ease the suffering of the choice-less humans in this world, and I do that in several ways. I do it by guiding and strengthening good businesses, run by honest people, to allow them the time and resources to do more good. I do it by funding, participating in, and building infrastructure in charities that I believe in. I do it with my voice raised high on any platform that will have me, to share the fire within me, and ignite in others what may have lain dormant for a time.

If you resonate with my passion and purpose, I'd like to personally invite you to join my tribe: we are the #misfitnation, and by combining our individual talents and flaws, we lead a crusade to ease suffering for the hurting, broken, and overlooked.

If this is our only brush with each other in this life, I would ask just one favor of you: stop hiding! You are not broken. You are not fragile. The things you have walked through and the battles you have overcome are the kindling that make you uniquely YOU. Light that fucking thing on fire, because I need you... WE need you... and most of all, YOU need you.

With all my love,

Jason Sisneros aka The Bald Avenger

“What I love most about speaking is creating that momentum and being in assistance and service to the person who is looking for that one little thing to kick them over the edge.”

Jason Sisneros is a hard-nosed, battle-tested CEO who has taken the science of performance and the art of leadership to the next level. He is widely regarded as one of the brightest minds in business and innovation. Among his past and current clients are Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Comcast, and Microsoft, and he has turned around more than 70 small to mid-cap companies, earning him the moniker, “The Architect.”

From his best-selling book and his more than 3,000 plus presentations on leadership and business, to his career as the top speaker in the Tony Robbins organization and his dozens of corporate turnarounds, Jason has always looked to identify needs, to find solutions and to create competitive businesses for entrepreneurs who really want to change.

Jason’s Testimonials

Why tell you when we can show you?

Dr. Kara Scott-Dentley

“Sometimes we try to dance around the words [...] but just what Jason says is what we receive.”

Daniel Puder

“Jason is one of the men that I look up to as a mentor, as a guide, and as a brother.”

“My life is just an example of somebody who speeds from failure to failure with enthusiasm. I take the lessons and leave the emotions, and that’s something that people really can identify with.”

“Our sales doubled the week after Jason’s seminar! This is, by far, the best investment I’ve ever made in my company.”

Shawn Hunt
President & Founder, Step by Step Nutrition

“Not only did I receive a return on investment, I can really say with confidence that [hiring Jason and his team] was the best thing we ever did as a company. Could not be more impressed.”

Cheryl Snapp Conner
Founder & CEO, SnappConner PR

“As a fellow coach in the field of persuasion and influence, I find that Jason is, hands down, one of the best trainers and speakers in the industry.”

Robert Monaco
The Anthony Robbins Companies

“Jason and his team gave me something that I’ve been looking for for years: a framework with which to run a business. I would absolutely recommend them to people that are willing to grow and take their business to the next level.”

Andrea Reindl
Founder & CEO, Legacy Creative

“Jason is not your normal business speaker. He is the foundational support needed for a growing or (in some cases) dying business. His proven systems have been developed to allow a business to function in a disciplined manner, removing the emotional baggage that hinders the growth needed to flourish.”

Jarrod Adreon
Entrepreneur & Sales Strategist

“Jason came in to speak to our team and totally blew us away! Rarely do you see this kind of passion and sincere message to help others come through. In this day and age of speakers just selling their next program, Jason gives tools and inspiration straight from the heart.”

Emily Martinez
Program Manager, Cisco System Inc.

“Are you willing to try something different – something you’ve never tried before – in order to change your path and change your destiny? My answer was yes, and my life is forever changed!”

Dave Lakhani
Best-Selling Author

“Jason’s ability to help you recognize opportunities and take action will, if you let it, transform your life.”

Tom Terwilliger
Author & Former Mr. America

“[Jason and his team] totally went over the top to help us find clarity in our business and bring us back to our original vision. The processes that you’ve put in place to help businesses grow and have massive outcomes is unbelievable. I am so excited to implement all of these things in our business!”

Tina Nunziato
Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Dr. Liz Cruz Partners in Digestive Health

“Jason went above and beyond for our organization by interviewing every single staff member prior to our retreat. He got to know each player on our team, their concerns, and their passions. This knowledge enabled him to conduct a most effective half-day retreat. Jason definitely put us on the right track for resolution.”

Scott Bemis
Publisher, Denver Business Journal

Jason's Clients

To work with Jason, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do - just that you’re willing to put in the hard work. Jason’s current and previous clients range from Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits to small businesses and one-on-one’s.

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